About Land Development:
Working with the local government agencies can be extremely challenging and costly if one is not experienced.   First, you must determine if land development is even feasionable. After our initial contact with a client, we help you determine if the land is a legal lot, meets current zoning, before and after development, and if necessary, whether it is truly a buildable site.  Ordinances, fees, and procedures change frequently, therefore, knowing the appropriate questions to ask at the initial phase is one of the highest priorities for our client.  Just reading the application forms does not relieve a client of additional studies or fees that can possibly make the development too risky or expensive.  Typically, today’s fees for any land development are computed by a deposit, thence on a hourly fee.  Agency fees are clearly defined to the client, however, are only an estimate for the final proposal.  Agencies may require unforeseen reports and studies that are impossible to ascertain at the time of application.  Therefore, only those fees that are clearly stated on agency application forms are quoted in our proposal.  Any and all fees are not a part of our proposal, and are the responsibility of our client.

Boundary Matters:
Having worked in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties for over forty years has enabled Coast & Valley to develop an extensive data base from previous boundary determinations.  From corner records for minor surveys, Record of Survey for more complex matters, and Parcel maps for land development, each requires extensive investigation requiring experience and knowledge.  We not only understand how to use and interpret the data—more importantly we know where or how to locate it.
Upon initial client contact, at no cost to the client, we perform a brief inspection of various data bases for documents to perform a boundary determination.   Based on our tentative research, we provide an estimated fee to our client.  Should this be acceptable to our client, and upon a request for a formal proposal, we perform a comprehensive study for all necessary documents via, City, County and State agencies.  A formal written proposal is prepared detailing the scope of work, maps and documents that pertain to our proposal, and a remedy, should critical monuments to the survey as shown on said documents not be located.

Procedure and Product
Having “state of the art” equipment is essential, but it is equally important to understand which tool to use for which job…and understand the limitations of the technology, too.  Having the right tool for the job is mandatory and we have all of them.  Whatever is necessary for the most accurate and economical finished product is at our disposal.  All mapping is prepared in digital format for the industry.  Output is either an AutoCAD file or pdf product.  Only with verbal or written authorization from our client will any product be distributed.

FEMA Elevation certificates:
The newly-revised 2010 FEMA certificates are extremely comprehensive and can be quite difficult to prepare.  Some of the changes, if appropriate, are the inspection of the interior of a structure for the compliance of said certificate.  The cost for flood insurance , especially in the costal region, of an accurately prepared certificate can easily be in the four figure range if prepared incorrectly.

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