About Coast & Valley

Greg Wardle, the president of Coast & Valley Land Surveying has been a fully licensed surveyor in the State of California since 1977. He has experienced all major disciplines of the profession.  Spending over 12 years working with city and county agencies has afforded him vast exposure to almost every aspect of the profession.

Greg’s military experience with both the Air Force and the Navy made it possible to expand his education with additional educational benefits while in service. Post-military, Greg spent several years working with a private firm and enhanced his experience in “high rise” construction practices, airports, ALTA surveys and other major projects.

In thirty years of having his own surveying practice, Greg has developed a great team of people working with Coast & Valley to meet every type of client need with efficiency, speed and a great attitude.

Some of our clients include:

  • U.S. Navy; San Nicolas Island, Pt. Mugu, Port Hueneme
  • Told Corporation
  • Tasco Construction
  • Numerous Professional Law Firms
  • Casitas Water
  • Golden State Water


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